We’re listening.

It’s been an eventful year. We embarked on our reorientation towards a competency-based approach to medical education. We released several notable and highly-anticipated findings on physician employment and resident duty hours, and hosted numerous conferences and meetings on key aspects of medical education and training.

In this time of considerable change, the greatest strength of the Royal College is its Fellowship. More than just letters after a name, the Royal College designation is a touchstone of quality and signals to the public a commitment to uphold the highest standards of medical practice and continuing professional development, the length of our careers. The diversity of Fellows’ demographics, and the wealth of knowledge and experience each of our members represent, weaves a rich tapestry that informs and guides our work. We are equally committed to continued collaboration and consultation with all stakeholders in medical education, in support of our ultimate goal of the best health for all Canadians.

One thing we are particularly proud of from the past year is how many Fellows have engaged with us, contributing their voices to our CanMEDS 2015 consultation work, attending a Royal College event, commenting on the CEO Message blog or our other social media channels. These valued perspectives, cautions and encouragements help shape our efforts to not only meet the evolving needs of our Fellows, but also to support the wellbeing of Canada’s health care system.

Fellows: we’re learning from and with you. Please keep talking, we’re listening.

Cecil H. Rorabeck

Andrew Padmos
Chief Executive Officer

Profile of our Fellows in 2013



Male Fellows 0.0%

Female Fellows 0.0%

Where in the world

Canadian Fellows 0.0%

USA-Based Fellows 0.0%

International Fellows 0.0%

Canadian Regional Dispersion

<1% Territories   26% British
and Alberta
  6% Saskatchewan
and Manitoba
  42% Ontario   20% Quebec   6% Maritimes

New fellows in 2013

Medicine 0%

Surgery 0%


0 Number of Honorary Fellows

0 Number of Fellows who have been inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame as of 2013